Wednesday, October 26, 2011

not away or towards

there are mysteries you cannot solve
knots so entangled you cannot begin to unravel the intricacies
like memories of limbs
like words whispered into the mouths of lovers
licked like the sweetest of liquid lollipops
what the heart desires goes unexplained
when someone’s eyes take root inside you
leaving seeds to grow and develop
climbing your skin like clinging vines
reinforcing you with green chainmail
binding your limbs
and cutting the circulation to your legs
leaving you paralyzed and numb
unable to run - not away or towards
when you feel you have lived so many lifetimes
trying to get back to him
only left to see him holding the hand of that girl
or the one before that
feels like your heart being torn out from the roots, discarded
a compost pile of all the messy feelings
staining an innately romantic nature
there are questions that should not be asked
words to remain silent by a finger over lips pressed harder than a gentle touch
hushed into the background of the room
left to mingle awkwardly with the white noise
overhearing phrases when joined together
make believe stories you keep telling yourself are true
something sort of like true love
muttering incoherent
mumbling seems so much safer
shouting brings with it reverberation and echoes
when all you want is a soft lullaby
his hand on the lower of your back
steering you not away or towards
but here and now with kissed promises indefinite

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rainbow sprinkle fireworks

it was a thin line of white
that was - the moon reflected
against familiar smiles
against the whites surrounding
coffee colored eyes
sore throats from
talking too much and too quickly
sharing the messages of
soulmate cliches
as i fall into that
well worn spot on the couch
seems to fit me so well
candy hearts drip from fingertips
delivering the same messages
again to a mailbox
with another name upon it
smearing pastel colors
into abstract art
before anyone notices I was even there
leaving me with that dreamlike state
left on repeat
like a favorite movie
looping music box theme songs
leopard print flashbacks
with glittered eye lids fluttering
seeing every angle of your face
even as i look away
to freeze time as i once used to
lips that speak words
that never leave me
that dig into my essence and explode
within me like
rainbow sprinkle fireworks
because you always remind me
what delicious means