Monday, April 6, 2009


I met you once.
somewhere between birth and sleep
with a sideways glance
to make you mine
I pour you wine
to keep you here
though eventually everyone goes
think you may hear the story
within the notes of jazz
think you may see things
within the sharps and flats
between the lines
I met you once
whispered my favorite words
quietly in your ear
the poetry of
Leonard Cohen
seeping into your skin
to moisten eyes
to soften hearts
to awaken my awareness of your
fingers lightly trailing my skin.
I met you once.
Begged on bended knees
for you to see inside of
the ordinary me
to seek out the extraordinary
idiosyncrasies of the bourgeoisie
traits that make you second guess
the sanity of you and me
I met you once
kissed your mouth with abandon
hands clenched to shoulder blades
exhaled spoken word
to you in tongues
the secrets of the beatniks
through scribbles left behind
wafting on the smoke filled songs
sticking to the walls
turning everything blue
I met you once
somewhere between birth and sleep
someone who still knew
what it meant to HOWL.