Tuesday, February 8, 2011


could the electricity dissipate
would it negate the necessity of your proximity
should you unplug from the amplifier now
could i ever forget the pressure of your hand
would it remove the fact my breath escapes at a simple touch
should you put hands in pockets just in case
could you inhale that spot between shoulder and neck
would you be reminded of where lips once were
should you turn away and breath the sweet air of freedom
could you tell me what became of the hidden love notes between two hearts
would they just evaporate into dust at the passage of time
should they be torn apart forever
could you ignite my longing
would you light a fire inside emptiness
should you extinguish such smoldering moments
could you
would you
should you

before the alarm clock

it is always that way
in dreams
your face was hazy
all i remember
clearly was the shape of your lips
a few words uttered
writing feverishly in a journal
unable to decipher my own words
aware of this moment
moreso than any other
changing everything
dropping away like seconds
counted down
and disappearing into
yesterdays moments
my knees knew before i did
there was something being born
within the negative space between us
as if you were there all along
sometimes i look away
it is always that way in dreams
breathless hope
knowing someone has come
to change your life