Tuesday, December 8, 2009

zoloft down the drain

Is something pushing at the floodgates?
words were backed up where they were forgotten,
left to stack and intermingle until they became tongue twisters…
only numbed feeling
but the novocaine has started to dwindle down

leaving exposed nerves
like fallen electrical wires
looking for a fight, or something to light on fire!

it could make a girl fidget…

I just wanted to feel normal again
my kind of normal,
lost in my own thoughts normal,
bad dreams, skewed perspective,
dark and twisty down a rabbit hole normal…

Foregoing complacency,
I accept that feeling in the pit of my stomach
that proves I am still alive
whispering to me, welcome home


WILLIE said...

beautiful.... and I'm not even a fan of poems... but I'm a fan of you.

E. Amato said...

wow. you so got it girl.

krista said...

well look who's writing again....yay!

Maggie May said...

awesome. i can't put my zoloft down the drain or i go with it.