Thursday, December 19, 2013


there was a euphoric glimpse
walking on the frozen Brooklyn streets
holding hands
holding those seconds
when it seemed as if
we were the only people in all of the city
moments past midnight
exhaling frozen breath like smoke
forming the existence of what would become Us.
forming hearts in our hands
crossing bridges to burroughs
left remembering what the snow tasted like
and the excitement of exploring a new ending to our story
countless seconds counting down
saying good-bye to sadder times
days when that empty feeling crept back inside of me
feeling like no one held a key to me
or matched the puzzle pieces within me
when suddenly things fell together so easily
holding hands across a table
without the words to express the gratitude
I feel towards the universe
and whoever is pulling these strings.
been waiting for a bubble to pop
someone to pinch me, a shoe to drop
but now I'm relaxing the grip on the wheel
waiting for the next 365 days
to unfold themselves like origami gifts
taking a mental catalog of every ordinary moment
that I am grateful for this story