Friday, December 21, 2012


I have dissolved
into a puddle
at your feet
at your touch
which has taken
 through decades
to arrive at its
to root itself
through and around
and inside of me
wrapping round
my heart
and holding fast
to match pulse
to beats beating
quicker than usual.
these days
feeling like it might
come straight out
of my chest
to get closer to you
to live in your
coat pocket
where you don’t have
to take off
your own scarf
 to keep me warm
where you can
protect me
as you would like
from negligence
or harm
from harsh words
and indifference
I have grown used to
casual disappointment
now allowing for
this adaptation towards
something  bordering
on the sentimental
and romantic
reformatting the circuits
within my mind
to say thank you
when a compliment
causes eye avoidance
perhaps eventually I
will believe
each lovely word
as you do
until then,
I will send letters
to myself
postmarking each
important day
so I never forget
how I feel at this
perfect moment