Friday, July 20, 2012

band aids

The sighs behind your eyes
make me want to capitalize
the punctuation of my smile
blow kisses with reminders
that some girls know when
it’s time to give not receive
find that space within your
arm, then slip away silently.
the hand that travels down
could never touch too much
preoccupy my thoughts with
evenings seductively spent
entwined and engrossed
inside mouths, arms, & thighs
interpreting the souds that
bounce off the wood of the
floor, from windows to doors
when lips start twisting round
stories whispered to ears
hiding in make-believe forts
I want to sip chocolate milk
from your lips and tell your
inner child ghost stories so
you squeeze my hand tighter
Your skin smells like heat and
sweat with nicotine traces
our silence comfortably fills up
expanding negative spaces
positively writing words across
eye lids closed yet seeing
cynics starting with believing
hearts can open up revealing
both tiny and big cuts need
someone to kiss them better