Friday, January 4, 2013


I’ve whispered
my secrets
from the tips of my fingertips
to the ears of the universe
never expecting to
have them answered
or offered back to me
in any type of way but
perpetual reminders that
I was not born
with a sense of fulfillment
or belonging
but rather born feeling
like my skin was always
one size
too small
for these insides
that are
bursting at the seams with
too many feelings
looking at your face for
too many seconds
cracks my ribcage in two
like longing
for a lover
you’ve held through a hundred lives
this throbbing
where a heart beats
cannot be written
in eloquent prose
the feeling is too desperate
born of suffocated hopes
paints hearts upon my tongue
to sing songs only to you
as if we are the only two
to roam crowded subways
and iced over sidewalks
pretzel puzzle fingers
finding warmth
when lips press upon lips
and smiles seep out
between breaths
with laughter