Friday, April 1, 2011

If you asked

i would give it a shot
if you asked me to crawl inside your heart
look around to see if it suited me
i would store away the excess baggage, labelling each box nice and neatly
"Do not Open; Keep sealed forever"
i would coerce your inner child to share what he is scared of
read stories and draw pictures see what makes him smile inside
see what makes you feel safe again
i would play all your favorite games
I would turn on your night light
i would wrap my arms around your inner demons
remind them they are beautiful regardless
feed the monsters beneath your bed so they were satisfied
i would make my place beside your nightmares
i would face the worst you had to offer and still stay until morning
i would tuck you in and weave dreams of calmness to surround your sleep
i would sew together the pieces of your broken heart with my own heartstrings
patch you up with pieces from the fabric of me
sing you lovesongs from outside your window
if you asked me to crawl inside your heart
I would give it a shot