Monday, January 24, 2011

Vday - a quick rant...

only a few weeks away
the most dreaded day of the year
v day
the day where delivery after delivery of gorgeous bouquets drop down
upon the desks of the females
like bombs leaving my heart in shambles
roses red
violets blue
daisy chains
notes saying i love you
they cross my desk,
as if on parade
another reminder
-as if i needed another reminder-
of the circumstances with which my last love was found
five years come full circle
the irony astounds
my poetry isnt as bitter this time around
maybe i'm growing

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


he told me that he feels all the time
feeling feelings 24/7, he said,
and thats probably why his words usually cut right through
and his voice reminds me of something beautiful that
i cant quite put my finger on.

subconscious ramblings of limbo

This subconscious is a vicious one
Letting scents of him, linger upon skin
Soaking into my dreamscapes
Reminding me while sleeping of the nights events
Awakening as if a year had not passed
I swung my arm over a phantom body evaporating
Just as my eyes were open enough
For the sleep to be wiped away
For the slate to be wiped clean
Not wanting to wipe away the feelings of those lips
When it felt so good to be enveloped in sparks again
Setting fire to the complacency of my heart
Reminding me that I have the potential again to
Light my insides up
Like swallowed fireflies
Like exploding firecrackers
This subconscious is a vicious one
Letting memories of laughter drift into my ears
Bittersweet knowledge that laughter can turn to tears
Without even a change in my facial expression
Or a crack in my voice
Just reset my broken heart again and again
Playing on repeat like a favorite record
Skipping and scratching where it has warped from being
Left out in the weather
Forgotten again
This subconscious is vicious one
killing me with my own self

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Untitled 2.

broken thoughts
blow like kisses
caught upon the wind of fallen leaves
crackling to dust beneath the feet of the unobservant
circling round the ankles like a devoted pet
yet ignored
words set in ink
a phrase set in stone
to remind my spine of tougher burdens than this
you can set a course for my heart
tolls paid with brief moments of intoxication
some battle wounds give even tough girls
something to cry about
wanting a secret or two to be whispered into my lips
that dreamy kind
that knocks my knees out
leaving me to depend on that hand at the base of my back
leading somewhere beyond
this repetitive game of emotional tug of war
I'll cut myself open
if it means the birds will escape