Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Boy Prince with the keyhole chest and the girl with the skeleton key vol. II

With storybook eyes She
Enters the scene
Quick with the breeze
Whistling softly
Upon the grass she would lay
Violetta was strange
in only one way
when she could do just what she pleased
she spent all day
Collecting lost keys
upon her waist there was a ring
Where all the keys were dangling
Silver, iron, bronze and gold
Different styles, new and old
Violetta kept collecting
Making her seem quite perplexing
The neighbors watched and ridiculed
They thought she should be in school
They wondered why she needed keys
rather than dolls, books, or girly things
she didn’t care
She blocked them out
kept adding keys
she had no doubts
that she would need these keys indeed
to unlock a most stubborn lock


Eric Lawson said...

Ah yes, stubborn lock indeed. I love the name Violetta.

pearls said...

it just keeps getting better.... is there a VOL III

circuithijacker said...

Wonderful story/poem indeed! I await the next piece of the Inspirado that you publish!