Wednesday, July 27, 2011

untitled 6

there was a moment i lost myself
crawled into your lips where words are born
forgot my name
travelled outside myself to watch
the way you move
the way you move me
kisses more like devouring
as if you had swallowed my ability to inhale
asphyxiation from mouth upon mouth
stolen breaths
trying to drink them back in
in greedy gulps
feeling like absinthe hallucinations
wrapping, twisting round teeth
stolen sighs
gluttonous moments of ragged abandon
where hands explore with scratching
where eye contact can freeze time
slow motion exhales
stolen moments
when the room goes silent
and the background noise fades away
leaving nothing but the heat rising

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Untitled 5

glimpses of starry sky ceilings
behind shoulders and smiles
half moon nightlights creating hazy halos
within blurred vision
toes leisurely lounging out convertible walls
pointing at the sky
like compasses
leading towards nowhere in particular
strange comfortability in my skin
the words etched onto my back
burn against lips and teeth
in slow motion replays
looping behind half closed eyes
maybe a trick of my imagination
except for the handprints still left behind on my skin
slowly developing
like photographic evidence
of reciprocated desires
taken from spilled words to actions

Monday, July 18, 2011

imagination vs. reality

imaginations can create perfection
characters based on the written pages
and stories passed down through generations
when even a tragic hero can find redemption
romantic notions do not interest me today
tall tales and far seas are the locations where
your stories are unfolding
but today i am thinking of your reality
im thinking of sunburns and tan lines
want to fall asleep to see if I will awaken
when deep sleep patterns turn to breathing, turn to snoring
turn to morning breath that i will ignore
to be inside your proximity
never mind the sweat that is sticking my face to you
never mind that reflection this time
today i am thinking that my imperfect body will be just fine
thinking about savoring this moment,
its taste, smell and touch
drowning in eyes and smiles and laughter
being swallowed whole by this one second
without gloss and without glamour
some connections dont allow for us to stammer with our words
waiting around for appropriate times
to say appropriate things
insecurities can create hesitance
a moment's waiting is a moment lost
its spark disappeared to something you may have wanted
if you had the guts to take it
today i am thinking of your reality
without a thought regarding pretense or preconceived notions
thinking what is special is whats living and breathing
in my eyes right now
when the lights are left on
and i dont look away to the floor.


the sign off the side of the road
made me think of how she used wait until the summer
when the peaches were in season
only able to eat a few mouthfuls
her stomach half gone
battle scars from war after war with
so many armies of cancer
with instant iced tea to wash it down
out of green plastic drinking glasses
always with a straw
bent over the edge
waiting for my grandfather to bring her glass
after glass after glass of that instant ice tea
watching me with young smiling eyes
the eyes my father and I both share
trapped inside the body of an old woman
listening to Sweet Caroline on the record player
I'd leave her home, hair smelling of stale cigarettes,
and flowery perfume
even just a hug good bye
seemed to be more than her body could manage
so fragile
even in the arms of a child
tastes like a memory
a home now hazy but always held close

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

untitled 4.

I am restless
tossing and turning
awake again
in that bed I haven’t slept in for so long
reclaimed and reawakened
by my senses
feeling smooth like scotch
feeling a bit dark and twisty
something sort of sordid
tasting of black licorice
laced with the hotness of cinnamon candies
reacquainting myself with the deviant inside
yet feeling like I have the blues
those slippery soulful songs that sound best on vinyl
those notes that linger like long strands of cigarette smoke
twisting round my fingers
when I try to avoid eye contact
I am restless
thinking of skin on skin
in dark rooms
barely illuminated by the sky outside
allowing instinct to guide hands
mouths, eyes
to take their time with things
feeling sort of kittenish
feeling sweet like sugar
melting from the heat of potential energies
sticky licking lollipops
with cotton candy eyelashes
watching from the inside
making mental pictures
saved for a later day

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

broken pieces

she fell to pieces
shattered like glass dropped from the roof of skyscrapers
her remains were like diamonds reflecting atop black asphalt
symbols of forgotten promises
reminders of disappointment
the sound her heart made echoed through cities
wrapping round light posts
uprooting trees
breaking the windows of the happy homes
she fell to pieces
from the pedestal she built upon a slanted and cracked foundation
scattered and shuffled, thrown away in all directions
a disparaged house of cards
worthless paper doll parts
folded and torn
vacant eyes that stare at nothing
but never look away
he squeezed to tightly her fragile heart
she fell to pieces

Monday, July 11, 2011

untitled 3

A day spent in silence
sand shifts through my toes
listening to the universe speak to me
its promises
through crashing waves
stood ankle deep in the ocean
for the first time in a long time
sunshine warms my skin
seeps golden inside my pores
caresses the concerns of the day off of tired feet
cuts the ties to painful memories
allowing them to float away like lost balloons
turning to colored specs as they disappear into nothing
allowed the inner most parts of me to run away
find themselves
like a child would when noone seems to understand
explored all my different facets
different faces
destroyed all the previous molds that encapsulated me
my empty body awaited patiently
while the door to myself stayed unlocked
open to vulnerability
and finally my soul has come back to me

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Gold falls upon the leaves of the canyon
turning the sky a color unknown to any other place in the world
just as the sun begins to tease the mountains with a long awaited kiss
wrapping round her curves towards the salty air
Summer awakens her senses
damp concrete scents mingle with freshly watered lawns to create
the most intoxicating perfumes
traces of chlorine in long tangled hair and bare feet on hot pavement
music is played loudly from car windows
driving west to escape the heat that causes ripples in vision
The Santa Ana Winds whisper secrets in her ears
love notes and promises of
tangled limbs and stolen embraces
navigated by touch and intuition, paths learned years ago
She has cast a secret spell upon those who have loved her
awaiting their return

Monday, July 4, 2011

Untitled 2

Hot July afternoons
Falling through dreams
Drinking in air conditioned sighs
Subconciously drawing pictures
With index fingers
Upon suntanned skin
Thoughts turn to tasting lips
And letting him breathe me in
A grown woman now
No longer afraid of the strong
Hands of men
Tucking insecurities behind my ear
Aware of their presence but
Choosing my own adventure this time around.
He has stolen my secret smile
From frozen Polaroid moments
And Hidden it within his pocket
To keep it safe for me