Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Boy Prince with the keyhole chest and the girl with the skeleton key vol. III

dear readers we know
these two must cross paths
inevitability locked its cross hairs
on their heartstrings
shooting arrows with cupids crossbow
dialed up a variety of near misses
brief sightings
quick glances
walking up stairs while another walks down
sitting at the same tables
in the same restaurants
just hours apart
avoiding new loves flying dart
his nose buried in books
her eyes peeled down at the ground
shrugging excuse me's
while travelling upon asphalt pathways
ignoring all the passerbys
jingling keys walking by
creaking rusted heart cage sighs
The Boy Prince with the keyhole chest
felt a rumbling in the universe
felt a whisper on the wind
he did a most impossible thing
he closed his book,
sat upon the green grass
acknowledging it made his skin itch
and finally looked up.

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